Antigua has a fantastic private hospital.

Unfortunately that’s one of the few statements I can say about the beautiful historic city. Antigua was a few day stop over as we made our way from Semuc Champey down to El Tunco, El Salvador.

The group I was traveling with seemed to have drank the river water in Semuc and was dropping like flies. Luckily, I didn’t get sick. I recommend the Private Hospital there though if you need any care! We showed up later in the evening, knocked on a sketchy door and entered a clean and quite facility. We seemed to be the only people there. After a quick doctor check up, a large scary needle and a shockingly small payment – we were back on our way to the hostel.

The sick one was still well enough for snap chat yarns!
The sick one was still well enough for snap chat yarns!
It did smell weird...
It did smell weird… 


I highly recommend El Hostel as well. They were a fantastic Bed & Breakfast style hostel. We were able to do laundry and sort our selves. Felt good to have a few down days.

Although I would have loved to do some of the volcano hikes. I didn’t pack the appropriate clothing, nothing warm at all in fact. Bring your sweaters, it gets cool at night! You could see a few volcano’s from the city though, Fuego Volcano actually erupts every twenty minutes or so, you can watch from the cobblestone streets!


I did make it to the Chocolate museum though – YUM! They even had a gluten free brownie – double YUM!

I can not wait to go back to Antigua, one day. It truly was a beautiful city. I also met lots of travelers there who were taking English courses. They offer one on one sessions, for a few weeks, at a great price. I certainly have kept it in mind for my next adventure.

The cloud blocked my photo moment!
The cloud blocked my photo moment!

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