Off the backpacking trail

The last leg of my trip – it came up so fast. Reading my notes, it seems these plans hit me in the face out of no where. When I was in Belize, I learnt a group of my guy friends were going to be in San Juan around the same time I was. And the plans worked out! I love traveling for that, I only really knew one of them going into it, and now to this day I consider them great friends.

Anyways… these guys really knew how to take a backpacker off the ‘gringo trail’. The house they rented was amazing. Absolutely breath taking. The views, the pool that looks like it rolls over to the ocean. Having a shower you don’t need flip lops in. Sleeping in sheets you know are clean. It was a fantastic end to my trip. I was able to relax and completely ground myself before heading home again.

The house was actually in Mederes. Therefore, I did miss some of the hostel shenanigans and Sunday Funday. How I went to San Juan and didn’t hit up Sunday Funday is beyond me but I guess thats why I have to go back.

We did some legit surfing lessons here. I thought I could get into it with being taught everything but I just couldn’t. I was getting up and ‘riding’ the waves. The guys were killing it too. But I just couldn’t get over the wave beating me up the second I fell off the board. I gave up to go drink on the beach, typically.

Checked out a show, The Funk Hunters, in San Juan the one night too. Great party scene, and good DJ show. I actually ended up flying home with the DJ’s and we all had our luggage lost together. Small little world (and the first time I ever had luggage lost).


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