Volcano boarding

I only stopped through Leon, Nicaragua, for 2 nights. There isn’t too much going on their in my opinion. Except for Volcano Boarding. Making a stop through Leon is well worth it for this activity. I thought it was going to be all hype, typical tourist draw. That being said, it did teach me to do all the ‘silly tourist things’ because tourist do them for a reason.

I stayed at the Big Foot Hostel and booked the volcano boarding through them. Of course the night we got in, we partied, so the whole adventure day was a little ruff at moments. The night life was pretty good. We found a few clubs to hope around. I ended up walking home alone, not the smartest, but it happened. Despite my friends efforts to make sure I was ‘looked after’.

Anyways, turns out this adventure is rated in the top thrill seeking adventures around the world. The record on the site we were at was 97KM per HOUR. Note, your literally just sitting on a board. You are not strapped in, you do not have breaks or steering. We had sexy orange jump suites and the plastic goggles you get in science glass across all high schools.

Now for my bragging part… I went 54KM! I was the second fastest girl of the group and only lost first place by 2KM. I was very excited. Especially when I learnt I beat all the guys I had been traveling with. Typically, after their the ones making bets with each other on speeds and being big tuff guys.

The only other piece I would say about Leon is stay on the beach! I went to the Big Foot Hostel on the ocean for drinks one night and wish I stayed their. This is also the area that Surfing Turtle is located. Its an eco lodge you have to walk out to when the tide is low… lots of really cool stuff going on. I need to go back to Central just to spend a few months in Nica. It seems lots of Canadians are doing that these days, so I am sure I will find my way back there.



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