It felt like landing in a whole new world, flying from Delhi. Kuala Lumpur was my recharge station. I had two days before my sister came, and we were heading off to the jungle. 
Although I can now say I am learning I like to adventure the country side more than a city, it felt like a treat to enjoy a new movie at the theatre, stroll a mall and enjoy a good espresso – and red wine! It was far to expensive for more than one, but that one glass was sipped and enjoyed to the last drop! 

Tracey and I took off to jungle trek in Cameron Highlands for three nights and really just relax. It was after all just a extended weekend for her from school. We stayed at De’Native Guest House and had the best time! Campfires nightly, a big family dinner, sweaty hikes, my first sunburn and the best Indian food I had since leaving India (I was already craving it a day later!).

I am so thankful for being able to travel with my sister. We often don’t know when we will see each other in Canada, never mind across the world. The best part is, I think I will see her a few more times in Asia!


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