Bohol; wanderlusting in the jungle

It’s officially, Trace and I are masters of the local transport now. In an effort to save a few pesos we took the local Jeepney from the ferry station down to Loboc. What an adventure. Packed into this little bus/pick up truck sorts realizing we are too big, and it’s made for the locals. Not to mention our backpacks. We ended up using Jeepneys in Cebu city though too. Once you got the hang of it, it was easy. Plus, travel costs in the Philippines quickly add up – I definitely blew pieces of my budget here.

Anyway, we stayed out at Bohol Guest house, literally at the end of a path, right on the Loboc River. It was absolutely beautiful. The hostel was super basic, but you didn’t need much out here. We jumped on scooters and made he most of our two days here.

Chocolate Hills; which are not so chocolate right now. Zip Lining; my first time! It was wild. I’m not sure if the heights above the river scared me more or the ‘lack of safety’ concern and equipment by the Filipinos tuning it. The Tarzier; the ugliest, cutest creature I ever did see. It was a conservatory, although I was on the fence about supporting them after I asked several questions about what they are doing and how they are helping the Tarzier which little to no information.

It was short and sweet, but easily some of the most beautiful country sides and river swims to date. From Bohol, Trace and I were off to Moalboal on Cebu Island. A Jeepney, ferry, Jeepney and bus ride later of course. I do really enjoy most travel days though. I don’t know why, the buses are usually less than enjoyable but I enjoy getting lost in my book or gapping out on the new sites passing by.


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