Boracay; leaving the country with a bang!

Ending my Philippine adventures, and time with my sister on a beautiful party island. A bitter sweet time. Although, to clarify, this wasn’t my exact favourite destination. It certainly targeted resort goers and party vacations. Fun for a few nights, but glad we didn’t stay more.

Frendz hostel was really cool. They hostel a free dinner for everyone, brought in a band and kept pushing happy hour prices into 11 p.m..

Booking the tour with the hostel was great. First stop was a cliff jumping/diving board set up. The highest was 10 meters and after a half hour of talking to myself – I just ran and jumped! I can’t say I enjoy the thrill you get out of cliff jumping, as some do. But I do love the feeling of conquering a fear. There is nothing more satisfying than proving to yourself that your a rock star.

This was followed by a crap snorkelling point where the boat driver was putting cracker crumbs into the ocean for the fish and I snapped. Politely but stern. There is nothing that bothers me more than the lack of thought process behind how the Asian culture interacts with animals. We can jump of the boat and find the fish, they do not need to be fed human food. This is actually the reason I did not go down to Oslob to swim with the whale sharks. Just because they are not in captivity, doesn’t mean constant human interaction and feedings aren’t ruining the Eco system and how these animals should go about their lives. Rant over! πŸ™‚

Anyways, ending in Boracay was a blast. I’m going to spare some stories. What happens in Boracay, stay’s in Boracay. Until your partying with heaps of Canadians and realize there are friends and cities in common… I love the small backpacker world.


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