Exploring Cebu

We wanted to squeeze in one more adventure before flying up to Boracay, plus had no desire to stay in the city. We headed strait to Moalboal for peace and beach vibes.

It was lovely! A little backpacker hostel right down in the centre of the beach strip – quiet little roads with only Tricycles and people milling about. Another dive spot I surely would have been stuck at had we not had flights booked.

I spent the two days snorkelling with mass schools of sardines and unique fish. I couldn’t believe it was all just a walk off the beach. A new site for me, other than the amazing sardines, was a small school of squid! They were beautiful how they flutter in the water. Tracey went out to Kawasan Falls. I do wish I joined her, but it included cliff jumping and swimming through tunnels. Proper caving, and experience I do not enjoy. I wish I just got out there and chilled in the main lagoon. O’well!

We only had two nights here as well, but the pro was a hostel with a cook stove. We were so excited to cook our own meals. It’s not enjoyable eating out every day for months. For me anyways! Plus, whipping up a stir fry ended up being a few pesos each. We also discovered adding rum to our coconuts here – delicious! Than eating the inside of the coconut after. I can’t explain how delicious and fresh it is.


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