Following my travel patterns so far, I set off for Malapascua, off the top of Cebu island, planning to stay a few nights and take part in a few dives. Little did I know, I would stay a week and conquer my Advanced Course. I probably only left because I ran out of cash, and the island has no ATMs!

I was tipped by a friend to head to Villa Sandra’s hostel – so when I arrived I was welcomed by a big “Hi CJ’s friend!” which turned into hair being called CJ the entire time. Side note, I ran into travellers I met here, on another island they fully called me CJ assuming it was correct. (Thanks CJ xx)

Anyways, this was one of the best hostels I have stayed in to date! Hammocks you would spending evenings in, Tropical Island house music on repeat, family dinners and people that felt like family. Everyone was there to dive and chill, so it created this amazing culture.

Signing up for my Advanced course was amazing. It included five dives, top two being the Thresher Sharks and Kalagaman Island. After get tic back in the water, since Belize, I was instantly hooked again. If your a diver – I can’t recommend this island enough! Diving here is also going at a good rate. Although it doesn’t exactly fit into a ‘backpackers budget’ it is affordable while traveling.

As I mentioned above, I think the only reason I left was due to cash. Helped out a fellow traveler, with some cash as well. So when we were out, we were really out. No ATMs were either a blessing in disguise. It was here that we set off to Cebu City for the night, before going our own ways the next day. This is all how the idea of my first travel tattoo came into play, ‘The Friendship’- cheers to the ship, Anthony! Anyways, I can say the only part I enjoyed about Cebu city was the hostel. And a fun little BBQ bistro we found. They cooked me up a fresh vegetarian pizza in minutes. Β Great service and cute name, ‘The Wasted Chef’ – check it out when visiting Le Village Hostel.


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