Siquijor & Apo Island

I couldn’t decide where to go after Malapasuca – I felt nothing would top my past week! Turns out I had a few friends heading to Siquijor and figured why not. Three lovely English babes I met in Malaysia.

Heading down to the island of witchcraft they say, I was intrigued. There were natural healers, caves and beautiful waterfalls. Another great island to rent a scooter on and get lost.

This is where I booked my Apo Island trip from as well. Although after the fact, I wish I stayed out there rather than just a day trip. The smallest island I had seen yet, surrounded by Crystal clear waters filled with turtles. So many turtles!

I did one dive in the morning, and snorkelled after lunch. The reef was incredible and rather shallow, so both experiences were comparable. I was amazed by the coral and fish here. Still wishing I had a GoPro to take with me on these adventures. I think I’ll need to add it to my wish list.

I was off to Dumagete City next, on Negros Island to wait for Tracer Racer to join me again. How lucky we are to be able to meet up again in Asia for more sister shenanigans!


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