The Adventures of the Ames sisters begin

Dumagete City was actually a pleasant surprise. My hopes were not high after passing through Cebu City, buts much smaller, more relaxed and clean! I ended up at Harold’s Mansion for 4 nights and absolutely loved it. Shared the cutest little room on the roof top, with a herb garden just outside. It worked well as I was with my new favourite American, Sara for a few days until Tracey came out. Harold’s Mansion also had the best in house kitchen. I don’t think I have mentioned yet how awful I found the food. I literally ate white rice and mangoes for 30 days. It didn’t help that I don’t eat meat, but even those that do agreed with me.

Sara and I took of with a scooter, and a lot of nerves. Driving in the city was a whole other ball game! We quickly ended up on quiet roads searching for waterfalls and hot springs. This was the perfect cure to our previous night, were we found the disco and triple rum n’ cokes that were cheaper than singles – what can you do!

I had my first ‘small world’ moment on the lovely rooftop here too. I recognized a couple from Calgary! Approaching the conversation with “I go to Habitat all the time with Tom O – you worked there?!” Classic I’m Canadian and drink too much run in. Anyways, we had a laugh and couldn’t help but be mind blown that we ran into each other in the Philippines!

Tracey and I were supposed to jet off to to Apo Island but I woke up with an ear infection – likely from my last dives I suppose. She set off on her own, and I luckily found a pharmacy that was very helpful. Although, I’ll note later, it came back and I actually dealt with it for weeks! It’s always a bit strange taking medications you have no idea what they are or even if they are approved to take in Canada.

It was lovely catching up with Tracey. Splurging on Sangria and soaking up the ocean sun set. No better boding time! Also congratulating ourselves on officially enjoying traveling with each other. You never know who and who you can not travel with until your in the thick of it. We were off to a great start for round two.


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