Back to Gili T

I am officially glad I went back to Gili T, if not just for the boat ride out. Not only did we end up on the roof of the boat, tanning and drinking Bintang (felt like a booze cruz we didn’t have to pay for!) but we came across a massive pod of Dolphins. There was over one hundred Dolphins, easily. The captain actually stopped the boat to turn around and go back to them. Slowing down so they could race the front of the boat, my mind was blown. It was better than any whale watching experience I had been on. 
The weekend ended up being everything I expected, a total blast. Meeting heaps of amazing people and laughing more with those I was with. Late evenings, and beach days. Delicious food from the night market for dinner, and Joss Shots for dessert. 
I lasted three nights and decided I needed to head back to Ubud, before I had to leave Bali. I couldn’t not go back one more time. And I was in need of some R&R after the shenanigans. 
It was decided I will trying to make it to Germany to celebrating my birthday at OctoberFest with Nadine and Simone, I can’t wait to dress the part. And I’ll be seeing the boys in only a few short weeks for Songkran, in Chang Mai. As I said, I’m never traveling alone! xx


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