Beautiful Java

After filling my weekend with yoga and mediation. Health food and no Bintang, I headed to Kuta for my flight to Java. With one last night at Skygarden and my British babes first, naturally. 
Java is exactly what I was picturing and hoping for in Indonesia. It’s wild how much Bali differs from being built up for tourism. Not that their is anything wrong with that, it was a blast, but I do feel good now that I’m back amongst the ‘dirty’ backpackers. Literally, I need to was all my clothes. 
As I headed for a small village at the base of Mt. Bromo, it was advertised to me that Ijen Volcano was also open. I was told its closed for another month, and instantly knew I had to fit in since I’m here. So I have booked a tour of sorts, just basic transportation and accommodation arranged so that I can be sure to get the most out of my three days here. 
It’s back to hanging with locals at bus stops and never really knowing what’s going on as you sit around and wait until your rushed on a bus so quickly you’re making sure you still have an iPhone and Passport.


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