Home away from home

I have found my first ‘home away from home’. Minutes after arriving in Ubud I knew I wouldn’t want to leave. Plus, our hostel had a pretty sweet lounge area by a pool – It can be simple making backpackers happy. 
I headed up there with a group from Seminyak – my two new favourite Germans, Simone and Nadine and of course, more English boys, Rikki and Shaun. Not that I don’t love the English πŸ˜‰ I am just constantly surprised by how many I have met travelling Asia. 
We filled the days with all the tourist check marks: rice fields, temples, Monkey Forest and a volcano sunrise hike up Mt. Batu. I also started scoping out all the health food shops and yoga studios immediately. Its amazing the quiet little roads you can find filled with unique shops and markets. But you do have to get off the Main Street, its absolutely packed with traffic at all times.
It was here that I decided to go back to Gili T. There was a whole group going out that I had been with, and well, my FOMO kicked in. Plus, my last experience was quiet so I figured it was worth a go on the ‘crazy’ days of the week. 


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