Indonesia bound

I am pretty sure I took the most difficult flight path possible from the Philippines. All to save $100. Good old backpacking budget! After 4 flights, two nights sleeping outside domestic airports, on the ground (maybe sleeping isn’t the best word, laying), I was only a boat ride away from Gili Air. I was meeting back up with Shipmate, Anthony, and a crew of people he was with. Which we ended up adding to the ship as well! The next few days were filled with lovely ladies getting their tattoos, beach naps and happy hours. 
I absolutely loved Gili Air. All the hype is for T, but I can say after going to T (twice!), Air is a perfect little island I would visit again for vacation. Great place to relax after my flights, and unfortunately my ear infection came back and more painful than the last. Luckily their was a clinic near by, and it didn’t cost me too much. Island life on painkillers and antibiotics isn’t so bad it turns out. 
It was because of my ear infection that all hopes of getting to Flores next were out the window. I had been looking forward to Mantarays and Shark dives for weeks. I will be planning a dive vacation to Flores at some point in my times over seas. Perhaps when I am in Australia, Asia will be in my ‘backyard’, after all.

After checking out Gili Air for four nights, and two nights on T, we were headed for Kuta. Our nights on T were fairly quiet as we were there for Thursday and Friday, which turns out to be the quietest days every week. Friday is religious day. 

Because of this we had our game face on for Skygarden. That place is too cheap not to return too, I was guilty of it on 3 separate occasions throughout my weeks on Bali. Plus, Anthony was headed home, so he had to go out with a bang! 

Thinking I would run far away from Kuta after one night, I ended up staying in Kuta and Semyniak for three more nights. And I am glad I did, as I was able to meet up with my Aussie girl, Emma. She and I had worked together in Calgary, when she moved home to Australia a week before I left. Turns out she had a weekend in Bali while I was there! It was a blast catching up and FaceTiming Cibo while we were poolside, drinking all the G&T’s of course. #cibroforlife

I also was able to meet back up with Natalie, Erin and Leanne. This was the third country our paths have crossed now. Leanne officially has be convinced I may move to Bristol and never want to leave. 

People always comment, ‘oh your travelling all these places alone?’ And look at me as if their sad for me. Fact is your never alone, and I enjoying every minute of making these new friendships. I can’t wait to go crash on everyone’s couches while I’m in Europe. When I do find myself alone for an evening or bus ride, I enjoy every momment of Jamie time. Same as if I was at home! 


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