Gunung Bromo

To adventure Mt. Bromo I went up to Cemoro Lawang for the night. Or rather for dinner and a three hour nap. I stayed just outside of the village, in the most beautiful landscape. Rich green rolling hills, and cute little homes. Very quiet though, it was nice to do it not during peak season. 
Part of the adventure was to trek up to a view point, Mt. Penanjakan, to look down on Mt. Bromo and the ‘Sea of Sand’. The jeep ride up was pretty cool all on its own. Followed by a little sweat sesh, and we were to the top. Unfortunately, due to weather we were engulfed by clouds (the con to not going during peak season I suppose). I had a glimpse of the sun, and a peak at the volcano but Mother Nature wasn’t on our side to say the least. 

Had Bromo not been so cool, it would have been a disappointing morning. However, as soon as we drove down to the volcano base, I was pumped. I was shocked by the size of this crater. I could only imagine how powerful it’s last eruption was; January 2011 was the last eruption, closing the area to locals and tourist for a little over a year and a half. I also just learnt that in late November 2015 there were more warnings issued. I can’t seem to read what the status is now (crazy considering I was just there!). 

These photos speak more words than I could write to do them justice, yet they don’t do it any justice at the same time. 

Feeling the earth rumble below my feet was absolutely magical. 



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