New continent! 

I have successfully adjusted to life outside of Asia, for the most part. I still wouldn’t mind being shoeless, eating a bowl of curry, and soaking up the humidity – all while sipping a dollar beer, but Morocco and my amazing friends from home are helping ease that feeling. I arrived a week ago today’s! I had planned to meet my girl Tray in the Mereckesh International (I flew in a few hours ahead and would wait a to jump on her st Arrivals)  – when I see her coming out, along with my favourite ginger, Kristie! I couldn’t believe it. As if they managed to surprise me with something this big. I cried, naturally.

Morocco is hectic and magical all wrapped into one. We spent our first few nights adjusting to the country in Merechesh. Learning the proper bardering prices, how to navigate 1.5 meter wide Media streets, and how to politely ignore the mass amounts of comments from men – three Canadians, two blondes and a red head, I’m sure you get the idea. Also quickly discovering we would eat nothing but Tagine (potato and vegetables skillet of sorts), Couscous, olives and too much bread for the next two weeks all while being sober. The girls are doing better with food than me, it’s fairly boring for a vegetarian, who shouldn’t eat a loaf a bread a day. Don’t get me wrong, we are having an absolute blast!! This is what backpacking is all about, exploring new places and adapting to new cultures – and laughing really hard along the way.

Our first big adventure was all the way out to Merzouga, Sahara Desert. We were set to drive nearly two full days, stoping at cheesy tourist spots along the way, until we reached the Sahara where we took the camels out to our camp spot. I could have done without the camel riding – little did I know I would be left with bruised legs, I actually walked part of it and was dazed with walking barefoot through the Sahara – toes in the sand! I was a happy camper to say the least. Second perk I was looking forward to were the stars. The epic Milky Way. It did not disappoint. We even slept out under the stars; partially due to the heat in the tents, and partially due to a massive creepy spider we found inside (let’s just say I screamed so loud I had the whole camp standing up before dinner while I was already far away outside -whoops). Why outside seemed after than inside, I have no idea. But we survived with no more ‘near death experiences’ 🙂

Off on our second week to Fez for more Medina mazes and Chefchaouen’s epic blue energy.



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