Crossing Continents by boat!

This was an experience for the books. Spending one night in Tangier, we assumed it would be an easy walk to the ferry, hope the ferry, and walk off into wine country. Instead we arrived to cancelled boats. It was to windy! We were told their was another port about an hour down that had larger boats going across, so off we went. VIA hitch hiking, sorry mom πŸ™‚ It was better than it sounds though, there were other cars driving over to the port so we caught a ride with someone, and even board the ferry with him to save a few EUROs. There are nice people in this world!  

Our first night  on the European continent was spent in Tarifa. We were sad to realize how amazing it was, when we only had one night. Enjoying tapas and wine right away, it felt great to be back in the ‘western world’. This was my first taste since leaving home in January! A proper shower, and a hostel where I didn’t use my sleeping insert, it was gold! Although wearing shoes was less enjoyable, and I still take them a off at every opportunity πŸ™‚ 

We were off to the Algarve coast in the morning. Trying to get through some of Portugal while Kristie was still with us so that she could enjoy too, before flying home. Her and Tray were determined to get on a plane to skydive! I must say I was super jealous, but my little backpacker budget count take that big of a crunch – another time for sure.



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