Morocco a best kept secret

Chefchouen was easily the highlight of Morocco for me. A beautiful little mountain town, covered in blue paint and friendly smiles. Aside from wondering the blue media, and shopping through all the markets, the people were were fantastic. It was like night and day how the locals interacted with us. If we didn’t want to come in and shop, they said have a nice day and we went on. Much different than the big city’s. I do wish we had more time here to adventure in the mountains. The weather would have been perfect. 

We did also stop in Fez for two nights on the way to Chefchouen, after our desert adventure. Although we only did one night in the desert, we were wiped. Than Fez took all of our energy on top of that, after getting lost in the medina, filled with 1000+ pathways and streets, overwhelming would be an understatement. It was here that we also learned Ramadan was starting in a week. We ended up changing our plans slightly to leave Morocco a few days early because of this. Not that we had to, but Ramadan does make it difficult for tourists and were already ready for a break from the hustle. 

Morocco reminded me of India in a lot of ways. The interactions between men and women, the Muslim religion, the intense staring and rude comments. But it was missing the amazing vegetarian food. I still crave Indian food every day. Anyways, I was a little more comfortable, or used to it I should say because of my past months. But all the same, we were all ready to catch up with some vino in the comfortable atmosphere of Spain. I hadn’t seen my amazing friends for months, after all. 



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