More to come!

Homeward bound!
Homeward bound!

Just a mere three days into my first backpacking adventure, I knew I wanted to start a blog. My initial, and sole purpose for this blog was to document my adventures (for my own memory!). However, once the idea of actually starting a blog popped into my mind, I found myself thinking of things all the timeย that I would like to share โ€“ for those who are interested of course.

I have an excitement and hunger for exploring, learning, sweaty work outs, health food, cooking, soaking up the sun, water, sharing a laugh with friends, reminiscing with family and growing as a human being. Hence, โ€˜Life by Jamesโ€™ (James just being a nickname that has stuck for years!). Anything in my life that I am passionate about will likely make it to this page, and of course my travel adventures.

Posts to follow shortly. Enjoy.